Deadmau5 on board

He’s locked into a New Year’s Eve gig at New York City’s Pier 36, but Deadmau5 isn’t wasting any time starting his shiny new Las Vegas residency after that.

Joel Zimmerman—the man in the Mau5head—kicks off his yearlong residency at XS and Encore Beach Club on Jan. 2. Those eager to get in on the action early can check him out Nov. 19 at XS.

Meanwhile at the Wynn, the former Blush space is given over to high-limit slot play, and the former Alex space will be the new nightclub. Got that? Good. Now for the best news: The name of the new club, according to, will be Climax.

Climax! As in, when you reach the very pinnacle of an event. That’s what they’re going for, right? In a related note, unconfirmed rumors have surfaced that a new venue will open at Bellagio in early 2012: In the spirit of the Library at Marquee, it’s Moneyshot at The Bank. You know, because of the financial tie-in.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Nightlife Group (Surrender, Encore Beach Club) will be hammering away at the new venue until it can, exhausted and satisfied, take a much-needed rest. And a shower.

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