Nicholas Greco, 9

Performer, model

His story: Nicholas has performed with a variety of Las Vegas headliners, including Mac King, Nathan Burton and Donny Osmond. His most recent gig is performing with Las Vegas Hilton headliner Steve Wyrick as the magician’s “mini me”—acting, dancing and helping with tricks onstage. He has performed in more than 20 local theater productions and modeled for designer Christian Audigier, as well as for several MAGIC clothing industry conventions. Nicholas has been in Summerlin Dance Academy regional and national competitions, doing everything from jazz to B-boy. He also has done some television, including a couple of pilots for The Incybers and Kids on the Porch, and commercials for Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

School: Staton Elementary School, Third Grade

Extras: Nicholas is an avid reader (he read more than 300 books last year) and is in an accelerated program at school. His 4-year-old brother, Chaz, is also an up-and-coming actor, and during one of his latest auditions, Nicholas came along to coach him. Sure enough, Chaz landed the part.

What he’ll be doing in 10 years: “At 18, I would like to still be acting and doing dance and driving around Las Vegas in a tiny, shiny Smart car.”

What they’re saying about him: “Nicholas is a joy to work with,” says David Brown of Remington Talent Agency. “He is so professional; sometimes we forget just how young he is! But he has done so many major film, stage and television projects that it is just like a day at work for you or me.”

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