Sara Bigley, 17


Her story: Sara will launch her own magazine, FRESH!, on Jan. 1, focusing on Las Vegas kids ages 13-20. The magazine, written by teens, deals with music, trends and issues important to teens. She plans to circulate FRESH! at libraries, schools and teen hot spots. A top student, she is set not only to graduate high school this spring but to receive her associate’s degree in graphic design from the College of Southern Nevada. Inspired by her parents, who are starting Savor & Sip magazine, she will study journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno.

School: College of Southern Nevada High School, senior

Extras: At age 10, Sara earned her first-degree black belt in tae kwon do, although her intense academic and publishing schedule has interrupted her martial-arts studies.

What she’ll be doing in 10 years: “I would like to be driving my Lamborghini down the streets of Las Vegas and be owner and publisher of several different magazines.”

What they’re saying about her: “Sara is funny, bright, curious, engaged and motivated—a wonderful example of what young people can do in Las Vegas,” says Serrin Anderson, Sara’s literature teacher. “She is running a magazine, attending high school and going to college. Most adults couldn’t handle that much.”

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