Tour Buzz

PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM: I know little about Katy Perry, aside from her monster hit “I Kissed a Girl.” I know she’s cute and pink and perky; I know she may or may not have kissed a girl, depending on which kind of reporter she’s talking to; I know that her duet with Elmo was pulled from Sesame Street because it was too risqué; and I know that she’s got a ton of fake nude photos on the web, and possibly some real ones. In other words, I thought she was making music just to appear in the tabloids … but then I read Seattle Times writer Andrew Matson’s review of her July 20 show, and I learned that she’s committed: She really wants to be a pop/rock star. During her Seattle performance, Perry apparently “ran across the floor and slid like a baseball player underneath her guitarist’s legs, while he wailed an electric solo overhead,” said Matson, adding, “She’s a greatest hits parade.” Well, any enemy of Elmo is a friend of mine. Perry plays Mandalay Bay on Nov. 19 ($56-$88).

GETTING OLD, GLORY: The current tour by New Found Glory, which lands at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on Nov. 19 ($22), is called the Pop-Punk’s Not Dead Tour. Sigh. I like NFG; they’ve got some catchy tunes, and they seem awkward. (Punk-wise, awkward is always better.) My problem with New Found Glory is that they’ve co-opted Punk’s Not Dead, the name of a 1981 album by The Exploited, to market their hyperactive skateboard rock. That’s like a pop diva pretending to be bisexual to sell a record, and people buying it. But as I said, New Found Glory’s tunes are catchy, so I’ll go easy on them. Besides, in 30 years, some other punk band will bust their balls over this slight.

NOW ON SALE: Calling all Degrassi: The Next Generation fans: Your man Drake is coming to The Joint on New Year’s Day ($100 and up). That gives you a month and a half to learn the songs from his new album Take Care, which breaks Nov. 15.