Tucker Norman, 10

Bike racer

His story: Tucker was riding a bike without training wheels by age 3, and not long afterward, he jumped on a BMX bike for the first time. At ages 6 and 7, he won BMX championships in the National Bicycle League. After those successes, Tucker put aside his BMX ride and hopped on a mountain bike. In April, he entered his first mountain-bike competition (the Sea Otter Classic in California) and won the downhill race for the 9-10 age division, and afterward he became a sponsored rider with Mountain Cycle. Then, at the end of October, Tucker took first place in a downhill race in Fontana, Calif.

School: O’Roarke Elementary School, fourth grade

Extras: When he’s not conquering the rugged terrain at events in California or visiting Whistler, B.C., anticipating the day he’ll be old enough to compete in the challenging Crankworx race there, Tucker plays street and ice hockey. In school, his favorite subject is math.

What he’ll be doing in 10 years: “I hope to be studying something to do with math and science at the University of Washington and spending all my free time in Canada riding my mountain bike and winning championships.”

What they’re saying about him: “That kid is so extraordinary. I don’t even know how to describe him or how he does what he does,” says Turnell Henry, Tucker’s coach and co-owner of City of Bicycles in Las Vegas. “He pushes his bar really high, and when he is riding with adults, he can challenge the elements of someone who is three times his age. He is seriously the most determined person I have ever met, especially at that age.”

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