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I took Orbital to Thailand. In summer 1999, I saw the British techno band perform at the House of Blues and bought one of their “Style” T-shirts. Several months later, on a boat ride off the coast of Thailand, a Dutch tourist wearing the same shirt spotted me, cried “Brilliant!” and we geeked out over our mutual interest for a good half-hour. That’s the story of the only concert T-shirt I still own, and it’s not that good—which is why My Band T-Shirt, a Tumblr blog filled with stories of concert T-shirts and their owners, both pleases and shames me. It shames me because I have never taken a 24-hour train ride across South Africa’s Karoo Desert to see the Rolling Stones, as Ruth Barnes once did. I don’t own a Hole T-shirt that earned me a hug from Courtney Love, as Jonathan Jobson’s did. And I didn’t receive my Orbital T-shirt from a teenage crush, as Jude Rogers came into possession of hers. I confess that I’m envious: I’ve owned some cool T-shirts, but none of them have ever inspired such passion. In any case, the stories behind these concert tees add up to an exciting and previously unknown kind of music writing … and as a bonus, this site reminds me of the Veruca Salt shirt I once owned, and the special hell it went through.

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