Marshall Gets the Point

How difficult is it to go from playing the two-guard to running a team as the point guard? For some, it can kill your confidence as a player, while for others it becomes just another challenge in your sports career. UNLV junior Anthony Marshall has taken that challenge head-on this season, and he’s been impressive through four games at the point, averaging 10 points and 7 assists.

He and I have spoken about the position, about making good decisions, being under control at all times, keeping the turnovers down and trying to keep your teammates happy. Those are just a few things that one has to consider as the floor leader. As a point guard, Anthony is expected to be a coach out on the court—but he still has to try to score, and keep up his usual hard-nosed defense.

During his freshman and sophomore years, Anthony struggled at times with controlling his speed, being on balance and when to pass or take the shot. But even with those mistakes, he still had two successful seasons. He’s so athletic that he creates problems for any guard playing against him—his speed and jumping ability make everyone look as if they were walking in quicksand.

As a two-guard, you must be able to score; as a point guard you also have to create for others and always know what’s going on around you. At Mojave High, Anthony was a point guard who played like a man among boys, dominating games at times but always playing team basketball. I’m sure his high-school experience at the point has helped him a little at the collegiate level. But there is a big difference between NCAA Division I and high school. Anthony will tell you right now that he has a lot to learn. But with his talent he’s not far away from being a great player at the point.