Everybody Must Get Toned


The funny thing about Locally Toned—a not-for-profit website that collects and distributes free custom-recorded ringtones—is that I’ve discovered this useful resource at the precise moment in time that friends have stopped calling me. It’s not that I’ve suddenly become unpopular, or that my friends are over their minutes; rather, nearly everyone I know has changed the way they use their smartphones. Nowadays I receive mostly texts, Facebook messages, even the occasional ping on Google Chat—services that I can’t equip with custom sounds on my Android phone (and truth to tell, I have most of my sounds turned off anyway). But I love the user-recorded ringtones on Locally Toned, and I’ve even grabbed a few in the hopes that someone besides my parents or my girlfriend will call me someday: the sound of a string of firecrackers from Valencia, Spain; the sound of a roller-derby bout from Glenshaw, Pa.; and the sound of a bouncing tennis ball from Bridgeport, Conn., which I’ve pinched in the unlikely event Andre Agassi calls. Worth noting: No one has recorded a ringtone in Las Vegas yet, possibly because we’ve forgotten what ringtones are for.