Jupiter Crash

Cheyenne Saloon, Nov. 18

Nearly two years ago, these Seattle rockers crash-landed on the local music scene. The band’s dark, epic sound places them somewhere between The Cult and Velvet Revolver, but with a little less cowbell. Guitarist Alan Dreher, a local who joined the lineup, displayed some wicked fretboard handiwork while lead vocalist Steven “Crash” Parsons channeled his inner Ian Astbury as Jupiter Crash rocketed through one driving rock song after another. Vocalist Mary Kryah (another local recruit) sang lead on the intro of their recently penned “Holy Mountain,” which received praise from the audience and hinted at a new, heavy-blues direction for the band. Jupiter Crash ended their cosmic set with a stellar cover of T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy.” Get in the band’s orbit on Nov. 26 at Gold Mine Tavern in Henderson when they perform in KOMP 92.3-FM’s Home Grown Showcase.