Katy Perry

Mandalay Bay Events Center, Nov. 19

A day after her California Dreams tour stopped in Vegas, Perry was recognized by the American Music Awards for being the first female singer to have five No. 1 hits off the same album. The award may have signified that the pop princess is ready to assume a grander title, but her Vegas performance had already assured it. The would-be Queen of Pop introduced the arena to her realm: a colorful, cartoon dream world filled with rainbows, candy canes and, depending on the song, a lot of classic Vegas imagery. It even smelled like cotton candy! But Perry is a wise ruler, one who likes a little substance with her style a la “Teenage Dream’s” lyrics of true love, “You think I’m pretty without any makeup on.” She even proved willing to put down the bubble gum and visit the neighboring kingdom of rock with the gritty “Circle the Drain” (a sample of the safe-yet-edgy lyrics: “Wanna be your lover/not your fucking mother”). Of course, Princess Perry gave us our fairy-tale ending: She finished the show in a glittery red-and-white dress that resembled a firecracker and sang (what else?) her No. 1 hit, “Firework.”