Prince Harry visits Ye Royal Nightclubbery

It’s not every day we get the honor of a royal visit here. Sure, there was that time that HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, helped rob the Sands with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And who could forget when Queen Elizabeth was arrested for selling bogus Ecstasy at Ice back in ’03? Other than that, though, it’s few and far between for royal visits to Las Vegas.

This weekend, though, Prince Harry, who’s in Arizona for military training with the British Army Air Corps, made the trek north. He came up on a Harley rented from a Scottsdale dealership, according to reports, and cruised on up Nov. 18.

Once here, he checked in at the Wynn and later set up shop at Tryst with a crew of nine. He was spotted in a blue flannel shirt and jeans (that can’t possibly be up to dress code) and was dancing with a blonde in a black skirt. He lasted until around 3 a.m.

That was just night one, though. On Nov. 19, Harry and four military pals went to see O, where he was drinking Coronas and watching the show—in another plaid shirt. After that, it was on to XS, where he sat at the owner’s table off the main dance floor.

He made it three-for-three Nov. 20 with a return trip to XS (and a return engagement from the aforementioned blonde) with four men, two women and two security guards. He was also wearing another plaid shirt and jeans. All of which reveals the truth the British royal family never wanted you to hear: Prince Harry listens exclusively to Mother Love Bone and Tad.

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