Drama Queen

Think smoky blacks, sultry plums and two fab highlights. Dramatic, eh? Now, picture a winter wonderland with Mac Cosmetic’s 6 Snowglobe Eye Shadows/Sultry (actual snowglobe sits atop compact) to give your peepers just the right amount of pop. This is makeup melodrama at its best. $38, Mac Cosmetics in the Forum Shops at Caesars, 369-8770.

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Buying High

Buying High

Novelty can wear off fast, and Las Vegas is always in search of what’s new and what’s now. Refusing to allow the economic downturn to halt growth and commerce, the local shopping scene evolved nicely this year with more than 40 stores opening and a handful more slated to open before year’s end. In addition, consumers celebrated the debut of retail center Tivoli Village at Queensridge in Summerlin, which features almost a dozen retail merchants fresh on the Vegas scene.