The loneliest Thanksgiving

Tao held its annual Terminate the Turkey party on Thanksgiving night, which, in theory, should be a tough night to get celebrities to leave their families and homes to go to a strange city and party for pay.

Pauly Shore was all sorts of available, of course.

Shore even put on a turkey costume for the event. At least, we assume it was for that. Frankly, if Pauly Shore started walking around in a turkey costume full time, we’re not sure anyone would be surprised. Or notice.

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Morgans taking over 90 percent of Light Group


Morgans taking over 90 percent of Light Group

By Jason Scavone

Morgans Hotel Group is like that kid on the playground who no one would play with, so he went away, then came back 10 minutes later and said no, he wasn’t Johnny. He was Johnny’s twin brother. Who just moved from Canada. You hadn’t met him yet. Which is a long way to go to say that Morgans—recently relieved of its Hard Rock Hotel management contract thanks to a mountain of debt—is now back as a player in Las Vegas thanks to a $46.5 million deal to acquire a 90 percent stake in nightlife mega operator the Light Group.