Make a Date

I love Las Vegas topless shows. And my favorite is Luxor’s upbeat, dance-intense, pop-music fantasia Fantasy, which last month celebrated its 12th anniversary. The frisky female revue recently also debuted its Ultimate Fantasy 2012 calendar featuring a dozen drop-dead-gorgeous dancers from the production. Now that this calendar adorns the wall above my desk, my home office looks better, plus I’m not missing deadlines what with my constant ogling—er, I mean date-checking. (February’s Amber? Wow.) The ladies ain’t topless in the calendar, but they’re plenty sexy thanks to photographer Willy Camden, who captures the seductively dressed beauties in luxury settings such as MGM Grand’s Skylofts. Ultimate Fantasy is nationally distributed, and the ladies are hosting local signings. (Check the schedule or buy online at By the way, Fantasy is running a holiday deal for locals: Get 2-for-1 tickets plus the calendar through Dec. 30. Until you’ve seen these ladies bop to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Nasty Girl” or heard singer Lorena Peril rip into The Police’s “Roxanne,” you haven’t lived.

The Strip’s lady dancers aren’t alone in hawking calendars. The bow-tied, bare-chested beefcakes of Chippendales are in on it, too. Alas, my wife’s confused to find me in the kitchen late at night perusing the 2012 Chippendales calendar, available in stores, at, or at the nightly 8 p.m. Rio show. In my defense, honey: I’m only nurturing my MBID (male body image disorder).

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