Season’s Heatings

Butter Me Up, as served at Rhumbar in The Mirage, $12

It warms the soul, the hands and heart, but did you know that a good hot buttered rum also goes a long way toward spreading goodwill to your fellow man, especially when that man is just one of the many houseguests you will be entertaining this holiday season?

Serve by the mug or, better yet, break out that crockpot and put it to good use keeping the magical mixture warm for the steady stream of visitors. Inspired by this season of giving, receiving and traveling, “our Butter Me Up cocktail will go down smooth, and is sure to keep everyone nice and buttered up this holiday season,” Drive This! Entertainment’s Michael Frey says.

And if cigars are on any of your loved ones’ lists this year, Frey’s Drive This! partner Craig Gilbert suggests the San Cristobal Elegancia. “Layered with notes of oak, pepper, earth, coffee and cream, the San Cristobal Elegancia complements the flavors of the Butter Me Up, providing a warm and savory sensation.” Are there any other sensations worth having?

Directions: In an Irish coffee glass, combine 1½ ounces Montecristo spiced rum, 4 bar spoons Trader Vic’s hot buttered rum batter and ¾ ounce Wild Turkey American Honey. Top off the cup with very hot water and stir until the batter is completely incorporated. Top with fresh maple syrup-infused whipped cream, dust with ground all spice and serve with a cinnamon stick.