Six Seasons and a Movie

In light of all the awful shit that’s happening in the world right now I feel almost silly for asking you to do this, but here goes: You need to go to and affix your name to the petition that will help keep NBC’s Community, the most tightly scripted and flat-out brilliant comedy on television, on the air for another season. NBC has pulled the show from its midseason lineup, and even though the network insists it will return “sometime,” I’m getting a sinking, Arrested Development-like feeling here. I know that some of you have seen Community and feel indifferent to it; some may have seen a couple of episodes and don’t get what the show is about; and some may be too intimidated by the cult of Greendale to even watch one episode. (Go Human Beings! E Pluribus Anus!) To those latter two groups, I say this: The learning curve isn’t that steep. Community’s rapid-fire pop-culture references, its brilliant physical-comedy bits and its air of heartfelt lunacy sink in pretty quickly—just three episodes did it for me. (Admittedly, one of the episodes was “Remedial Chaos Theory,” considered by critics to be one of the show’s best.) Community fans have taken up a rallying cry of “Six Seasons and a Movie,” but personally, I’ll be happy to see this hilarious show finish its third season, and hopefully get to a fourth. Any help on that score, fellow Human Beings, is much appreciated.

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