Songz has birthday help

Trey Songz already has one album under his belt called Trey Day, and he’s getting ready to release his fifth album, Chapter 5. Maybe album naming is not Songz’s forte.

He is apparently, though, good at assembling people to work the mic with him on his birthday.

Songz (born the equally confounding-to-spell-check-programs Tremaine Aldon Neverson) was at Tao on Nov. 27 to celebrate his 27th birthday along with comedians Kevin Hart and Eddie Griffin and Ne-Yo. Because it never hurts to have a local guide in your crew.

When it came time to take the stage, Songz performed “Say Ahh” and “Bottoms Up” before Ne-Yo got up to join him for “Give Me Everything.” Then Hart started freestyling on his own in-between jokes. Griffin, meanwhile, was probably just having locale-triggered PTSD flashbacks to early September when he married Nia Rivers here, or October when he filed for divorce, or two weeks ago when he said they were working it out.

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