Secret Bush a Certain Snooze

If a flashback to the ‘90s was on your holiday wish list, you should have been at The Cosmopolitan Monday night for Mix 94.1’s Underground Lounge secret concert. This one, cosponsored by X107.5, featured “used to be hard rock” alt rockers Bush playing an intimate show in one of Cosmo’s seemingly many concealed ballrooms.

How ‘90s was it? This event should have been directed by Richard Linklater and the two love interests should have locked eyes for the first time during the opening song and had their first kiss during the closer.

Remember how much “Machine Head” rocked back in the day? Apparently neither does Bush, fronted by Mr. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale. He’s still good-looking, but with very little edge and very little British accent. Maybe he’s been softened up the Hollerback Girl.

Then again, this was a brief, maybe 40-minute acoustic set. Opener “Little Things” was the hardest and best song of the night.

Now let’s get to the important part: If you’re a cougar living some vicarious fantasy or reliving your days as a groupie by singing every word to “Glycerine” at the top of your lungs, that’s cool. But if you’re a grown man doing it, at best it’s creepy, at worst it’s sad. Hint, hint, guy who was standing directly behind me.

Cosmo is the perfect hotel to do things like this with all their hidden nooks and crannies. And it’s the kind of event that could create buzz and develop a following. Hopefully they have more in the future. And if you’re wondering who might be the next act to bring in, I’m pretty sure dude behind me probably knows a bunch of Silverchair tunes.