Body Electric

Designer Zaldy Goco was hired as the stylist/costumer for Jackson’s final tour, This Is It, which ultimately never came to fruition. When he was commissioned by Cirque to do the costumes for Immortal, Goco used one piece of wardrobe that Jackson adored: LED pants. Meant to mimic the light-up sidewalk in the “Billie Jean” video, Goco says that Jackson described them as “everything I ever wanted” when he tried them on. Here Goco recounts his first encounter with Jackson:

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“I work with a lot of celebrities, so I’m not bothered usually, but this is Michael Jackson, so it’s a whole other realm. I thought I’d be very cool. So I’m waiting to be presented to Michael to talk about the package of sketches that I sent him, and I thought somebody would come and give me a protocol and say ‘don’t shake his hand, don’t look him in the face,’ but nobody came in. So someone finally approached me and simply said, ‘Michael is ready to see you,’ and led me to the green room, where he’s sitting on the coach alone, turns, looks down at my shoes, and says ‘I love the shoes already.’ I wore these fabulous, gold-studded [designer] shoes, which I knew he’d like, and that’s how we started.”