Butter Cake, Mastro’s Ocean Club

Mastro’s “Treehouse” is perhaps the most architecturally distinctive feature in Crystals. Executive chef Wayne Schumaker is most proud of the restaurant’s signature dessert, a warm butter cake that requires an alarming half stick of butter. The cake is then presented in its casserole dish with orange segments, strawberries and raspberry sauce. $15, in Crystals at CityCenter, 798-7115.

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Walking in to P.J. Clarke’s in the Forum Shops at Caesars, your eyes scan the black-and-white photos that plaster the walls and the crisp white linens draped perfectly over the dark mahogany wood. With the dirty martinis and Manhattans sitting in front of the patrons at the bar, you’d expect a thick cloud of smoke and the smell of fine cigars—and there probably would be if it were allowed. Behind the 125-year-old carved, hardwood bar stands Woody Linihan.