Lots of naked girls onstage: Pondering the Mötley Crüe residency

Following in the footsteps of Santana, rockers Mötley Crüe recently announced a “mini residency” at The Joint, which Vince Neil described as “pretty much a dream come true” and “over-the-top craziness” in a Nov. 30 press teleconference.

“Since it’s a stationary show and doesn’t have to move around, we can do all kinds of stuff that we’ve only really dreamed about,” Neil went on to say. As to what exactly those dreams will consist of, the band wasn’t able to specify. Whatever they are, they will include an elaborate production, Tommy Lee’s one-man carnival ride/drum set and, if they get their wish, a plethora of female backup dancers. Here’s a transcript of their answer to the Los Angeles Times’ question about said possibility:

Lee: I don’t know yet because we’re still finding out, but this is Vegas and it sure would be fun to really do it full Vegas-style and have there be some nudity or almost-nude. It would be great to do things Vegas-style where you couldn’t do some of those things in a normal arena in Ohio.

Neil: Yes, so basically Tommy is saying lots of naked girls onstage.
Lee: Tons.
Neil: You know, around the venue.
Lee: I mean, it is Vegas, right? Come on.
Neil: There you go.
Lee: That’s why we signed up for this shit.

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