Mansions on the Moon

Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage, Dec. 2

This year-old band makes music that will likely have you scratching your head trying to categorize its sound. It’s not really electronica and certainly not acoustic folk music. But, then again, it is. It’s also kind of R&B with a hint of jazz and a touch of soul. Whatever it is, it’s damn good. So when the trio of Lane Shaw, Ben Hazelgrove and Ted Wendler performed for a two-night engagement, the band’s eclectic sound appealed to the passersby that happened to catch their sweet tunes blaring through the casino. As they drifted from soothing instrumentals to electro pop vibes, Mansions on the Moon gained quite a few fans that may not have been aware of this trio’s impressive talent. An unlikely crowd—ranging from 21-year-old hipsters to old fellows with 10-gallon hats—swayed and bobbed to the group as they performed choice selections from their critically acclaimed Paradise Falls mixtape, including “Glimpse into the Future” and songs from their upcoming EP Lightyears. After their hourlong performance, people asked one another who that was. Mansions on the Moon? That’s a name that is not easy to forget.