Seven reasons to raise up a glass … of holiday cheer

1. Spotted! A bottle of Casa Dragones tequila behind the bar in the Cosmopolitan’s sexy new Talon Club. Bartender Adina Artstein will happily mix it into a cocktail for you but really this joven-style tequila is best appreciated neat or perhaps with a little ice. While you’re there, check out the self-serve whiskey bar. $45 glass,

2. Speaking of whiskey, you can plan to make good on that New Year’s resolution to drink more of the stuff with a Jameson Irish Whiskey pairing dinner at Bar + Bistro on Jan. 11.

3. A little birdie recently told us that half-bottles of Krug Grand Cuvée Champagne are just $65 at Lotus of Siam. Whether that is the perfect pairing for the plar dook o-cha or not, we cannot say. But it’s a damn fine deal!

4. Wine isn’t the only beverage that can open up a little in a glass. From the maker of the Vinturi wine aerator comes Vinturi Spirit, a super-cool-but-affordable new bar gadget. Like the wine aerator, air is introduced to the spirit before it hits the glass, allowing some evaporated alcohol to escape allowing you—in theory—to taste more of the nuances. Does it actually work? We’ll get back to you. We’re still, um, evaluating. $40,

5. In Episode 23 of Drinking Made Easy comedian Zane Lamprey and pals hit up Las Vegas’ own Aces & Ales, the Double Down Saloon and the Whiskey Attic in an attempt to find unique and interesting imbibables. The DVD set (as well as awesome gear such as drinking gloves, koozies and Pleepleus dolls) is available at Perfect for that boozehound buddy who still thinks it’s funny to tap the top of your beer with his.

6. It’s so much better than a lump of coal! Tell that ex-boss to go suck pond water, or better yet, eau de New Jersey. From Albie Manzo, son of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo comes Blackwater. Spring water is infused with fulvic and humic acids, you know, for your health. Except it’s jet-black. But hey, if it’s good enough for New Jersey … then it’s gotta be at least good enough for your mortal enemies.

7. If you’ve ever made a pilgrimage to New York’s Please Don’t Tell (, or know someone who has, your gift-giving search ends here with The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender’s Guide from the Celebrated Speakeasy (Sterling Epicure, 2011). $15.78,