Smirnoff takes victory lap on skating rink

After 10 seasons of Dancing With the Stars being paired with the likes of Aaron Carter, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ralph Macchio and a few people who actually had careers that lasted longer than 53 minutes, Karina Smirnoff finally claimed her prize this year when she and combat veteran/soap opera star J.R. Martinez took home the mirror-ball trophy.

So how did she celebrate? By strapping on ice skates.

Smirnoff was at the Venetian on Dec. 3 to get in on the Winter in Venice festivities there, where she hopped on the skating rink at the outdoor canal amid rumors of her split with fiancé and Tigers pitcher Brad Penny. (The two recently “postponed” their wedding plans, which is a thing we imagine brides are totally cool with on a regular basis and not at all indication of drastic relationship issues.)

She also had some weight-loss tips for people during the holidays: “Eat everything in moderation and walk while you shop for gifts. We’re staying on the 28th floor at the Venetian and we took the stairs.”

Then again, she said that after drinking hot chocolate and eating eggnog cupcakes. Awfully easy to talk about moderation when you burn 6,000 calories a day as part of your job. Suddenly freaking out because all your relatives are coming over and the only way you can cope is by eating an entire batch of cookies doesn’t seem like that big a deal in that context, now does it?

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