Three Lobsters

It doesn’t take a big effort to get a lobster dinner in Las Vegas. Dozens of fine-dining restaurants serve whole live lobster, but at big price points and during limited hours.

Every so often, though, a local restaurant shows up that serves whole live lobster dinners that are a fraction of what you pay at the big joints and during hours that those places aren’t even open. They come and go, but rarely is more than one operating at the same time. Right now, though, there are three places where you can get good lobster on the cheap. The lobster is flown in live at all three and served as a complete dinner, with drawn butter, lemon and some combination of potatoes, corn, salad, rolls or other sides. And all three are on Eastern Avenue, so I’ll start with the northernmost and work down.

The Coachman’s Inn (3240 S. Eastern Ave., 731-4202) serves 1½-pounders for $29.99 all day, except on graveyard. Until recently, you could get this dinner any time of day or night, but hours were recently cut back to 7 a.m.-11 p.m. That’s still a 16-hour lobster window, which is the best availability of the three locations. The Coachman’s is a pretty cool joint, by the way—worth checking out whether you’re lobstering or not.

The Crab Corner (4161 S. Eastern Ave., 489-4646) has a whole live lobster special on Wednesdays only (though it sometimes spills over to Thursdays). A 1¼-pounder is $19.95, or there’s a 2½-pounder for $34.95. That big guy is a load, so you’d better have a full-out lobster hankerin’ or be getting it for two to split. Otherwise, stick with the little guy. As the name indicates, the Crab Corner specializes in crab and there are more crab options here than anyplace else in town.

The third in the trio is Monstah Lobstah (9310 S. Eastern Ave., inside Doc Holliday’s bar, 399-1200). Monstah serves good 1¼-pound lobster dinners for $22.99 ($19.99 through Jan. 1). This place is good for a lot of other lobster dishes, too, like big lobster omelets and absolutely killer lobster tacos.

Given the locations, east-siders definitely have the better of it for convenience, but it might not be that way for long. A new place called The Boiling Crab opened last week at 4025 S. Decatur Blvd. I haven’t seen the menu, but I make it a favorite to be a fourth lobster choice. Unprecedented.