Tour Buzz

GODZILLA VS.MECHAGODZILLA: Kanye West and Jay-Z will perform together at the MGM Grand Garden on Dec. 9, in support of their million-selling collaboration Watch the Throne ($69-$267). It’s funny to write that, because Throne doesn’t need the support; seriously, who sells a million albums anymore? No, this goes far beyond a mere promotional tour. This is an epic pissing contest—perhaps the only chance these two gifted rappers and good friends will have to prove superiority. According to The New York Times’ Jon Caramanica, who saw the duo perform Nov. 6, the game is tied: “The concert became a study in difference: Mr. West’s modernism vs. Jay-Z’s classicism, curvy vs. hard, sex vs. power, European vs. American, humor vs. wit, petulance vs. stoicism.” This amazing show may level this city. A meeting of titans will do that.

THE COUNT: The last time I saw Peter Murphy perform at The Joint—where he’ll return on Dec. 10 ($35)—he was in front of a reunited Bauhaus. He sounded so good that I found myself wishing he’d sneak his solo material into the set. Murphy made some wonderful records post-Bauhaus: I don’t think the haunting “Cuts You Up,” “All Night Long,” and “Disappearing” would have taken the bloom off “Bela Lugosi.” Now he’s back here alone, and you can test my theory: I think he’s the Neil Diamond of Generation X.

THE PERENNIALS: You should go see X at the House of Blues on Dec. 11 ($34). The band is genuine punk royalty, and their sound is ageless. Seriously, if you listen to their show with eyes closed, it’s tough to tell X circa 2011 from X circa 1991. Their sound is so assured that they may continue touring even after the band members pass away many years from now.