Twist of Fate

Using a classic musical to launch a career

Name: Oliver Kompst.

Age: 14.

School: Freshman at West Career and Technical Academy.

Job: Stage manager for Rainbow Company Youth Theatre’s production of Oliver!

Responsibilities: Calling all light, sound, set movement and acting cues.

Anecdote: Kompst got a crash course in taking charge when he had to reprimand an actor for dragging his hands across an expensive white curtain that acts as a backdrop in theater performances—an offense for which Kompst got in trouble when he first started. He has also realized that being a stage manager is truly a management position. “In some respects it’s a tough job for a young person because you are dealing with people who are your peers, but you have to be willing to tell them if they’ve made a mistake,” director Brian Kral says.

Aspiration: To become a cinematographer.