Andrea Bocelli

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Dec. 10

The mostly older, sophisticated crowd went as wild as etiquette allowed for a tuxedoed Bocelli and his accompaniment of more than 100 orchestra members and 70 singers. And when the Italian tenor’s voice gave me chills, I understood their excitement. The show lasted two and a half hours, but it felt much shorter. Opera singer Ana María Martínez, in a crimson-red dress, helped make time fly. She joined Bocelli in the exquisite “La Donna è Mobile,” and applause echoed around the arena. One of my favorite parts was when the screen showed Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Bocelli and Martínez held hands as they sang together. For his third encore, Bocelli sang “New York, New York,” while the screen showed him as a tourist in Manhattan. The concierto ended with the fifth encore (a duet of “Time to Say Goodbye” with Heather Headley) and everybody cheered for the humble and gracious singer.

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