Kanye West and Jay-Z

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Dec. 9

The sold-out Watch the Throne tour stop (promoting an album of the same name) was a display of elegant bravado that would make Scarface’s Tony Montana envious. The duo’s One-Percenter rhymes about high-end watches—“Ball so hard, got a broke clock, Rolleys that don’t tick tock. Audemars that’s losing time”—could easily go over “99 percent” of the audience’s heads. Except that fans knew the lyrics by heart.

On this night, the superstars proved they’re the rap royalty to which their new album/tour alludes. Few could rap with the lightning-speed dexterity that Jay-Z displayed. And nobody can pull off the “Good Life” like Kanye, who donned a Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy kilt, his own concert T-shirt (also designed by Tisci, who created the album’s art) and his yet-to-be-released Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers.

And after performing a nearly three-hour set, Jay and Yeezy blew the audience away all over again by performing their epic new song “Niggas in Paris” six times. A six-song encore is pretty rare. But six encores of the same song? That shit cray, as they say in the song. And if it wasn’t cray the first time, it certainly was the sixth, yet fans were begging for more.

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