O’Connor flies 5,000 miles for quickie marriage

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Barry Herridge sealed the deal as the fourth Mr. Sinéad O’Connor on the singer’s 45th birthday Dec. 8 at downtown’s A Little White Wedding Chapel.

It’s refreshing that every few years Sinéad O’Connor pops up to remind us she’s a little nutty, and then immediately fades back into a comfortable semi-obscurity, only to be recalled when “Nothing Compares 2 U” pops up on your dentist office’s speaker system or she decides it’s time to do something new, goofy and exciting.

In 1999, she was ordained as a priest by a breakaway church and decided she’d be called Mother Bernadette Mary. In 2000, she announced to an indifferent world that she was a lesbian. Fast forward to 2011, where on the eve of her 45th birthday, she decided she was hopping a plane from Ireland to Las Vegas to get hitched.

There she was at A Little White Wedding Chapel on Dec. 8, where she locked down husband No. 4, Barry Herridge. The two did their thing in a pink Cadillac. O’Connor shed some tears, and the two of them blew out candles. It took all of 15 minutes.

After the fact, she promised on her blog to fill in fans on what was going down just as soon as she, uh—look, there’s no delicate way to put this: She was blogging about oral sex, like, a day after she got married. So, um, congratulations? We guess?

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