One Step Beyond

It’s a funny thought, but when the land race for the newly minted “.xxx” domain has ended (you can get yours at, and maybe you should as a preventative measure if your last name is “Cox” or something along those lines), I believe that the only sites that will continue to use the word “porn” in their name are those that use it to mean “a fetish for common objects,” such as This wholly work-safe site is all about staircases: floating steel, strong timber, lacquered concrete. Some of them go straight up and down, as stairs have done since before your great-grandparents’ time, and some are cantilevered, like the inside of a seashell. There are dogleg stairs, spiral stairs and even ramps, every one of them photographed in crisp, sensual detail. This is, like, the Andrew Blake of staircase pornography sites. If you miss the gentle cascade of stairs in your Summerlin McMansion or were thinking of maybe looting some from abandoned homes (but you didn’t get the idea here, feel me?), is a fount of ascending ideas.