Redfoo Rock

Behind the look and legacy of the maestro of Party Rock

You’re as likely to find him onstage wearing a Speedo as you are to catch him wearing his favorite animal print, “cheebra” (cheetah-zebra), and shuffling with an inflatable zebra. And always with a smile on his face. Redfoo, one half of the electro-pop duo LMFAO, is the gregarious host of Marquee’s most outrageous monthly bash, Party Rock Mondays. Each month since January, the “Foo” (a.k.a. Stefan Kendal Gordy) and his crew have taken over the chic spot and transformed it into a veritable zoo of shots, champagne showers and the most energetic crowd on the Strip as they release their inner party-rocker. Following a successful year, Redfoo has renewed his residency with the Cosmopolitan nightclub for 2012. Wiggle out at the next Party Rock on Monday, Dec. 19.

How do you explain the Party Rock movement?

Party Rock is basically a mindset; it’s a verb. It’s “to party-rock.” We kind of see the world as a big party. All the articles of clothing, all the sayings we make up, we’re just having fun and making people laugh and making each other laugh and celebrating life. To party-rock is to celebrate life. It’s like party with a rock ’n’ roll attitude.

Partying while rocking animal prints and lenseless glasses. Do you dress like that on the regular?

You know, some people ask, “Do you wear those clothes in the grocery store?” And I say, “Why wouldn’t I?” I wear the same stuff all the time and it has animal print and it gets attention.

Do you have a favorite piece?

Right now it’s gotta be this fanny pack I wear that has a sewn-on little stuffed animal zebra. It’s a little stuffed animal that you might win at an arcade, the one with that big claw. His name is Henry. He protects my package, and girls always pet him.

Where did Henry and your other wild fashions come from?

Everything that I wear I make with a staff of people. I’m not wearing a shirt that can be bought at a store. I don’t spend a lot of time looking for clothes or going to shops; it doesn’t matter what the Gap is selling. I’m always going to look outstanding, because no one will look like me. It’s part of the Party Rock vibe and spirit. It’s easy for me to stand out in a crowd because I’m wearing what I make.

What does your father, the legendary founder of Motown Records Berry Gordy, think of Party Rock?

He loves it. He is very supportive. He is very involved now because he wants to make sure that we understand the cycle of success and that we are doing this properly. He’s done this a million times and wants to make sure we succeed and avoid the pitfalls and that we make the world a better and happier place and that we’re achieving our goals.

Do you feel that growing up in that environment instilled those values in you?

Yeah. I think that was kind of a subconscious thing. Growing up, he’d throw parties and he was always spending money. I’d be amazed at all the money that he was spending on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, hiring bands for no other reason than, “This is Christmas dinner and we’re gonna have some fun, eat and watch a movie.” He’s very into the mind[set that] he always wants to better people. He does that really well. He’s a great father.

It sounds like it and also that you’ve learned a lot from him.

He taught me this poem, “If,” by Rudyard Kipling and it gets me through decision-making. Every time I have a fork in the road I refer to that poem, and it’s kind of guided my mindset on how to deal with certain situations. In the road of success there are obstacles that come up and critics that say this and that. I was able to watch my dad succeed in everything that he set out to do. Whether it was to get better at golf or a household poker game or how he won as a record label and got music out to the people.

I use that when I throw a party. I wanted to win. I want people to be happy. I want good music, good sound, good environment. I just imagined what I wanted, and I have a great team around me to execute this vision. And I just kind of learned that from my dad.

You and your dad must Party Rock together, right?

Yeah, for sure. He’s sprayed some champagne, he’s poured shots, he’s shuffled! All kinds of stuff.