Best Branded Party

F*** Me, I'm Famous

Since its creation, Wet Republic has been the pool party leading the electronic-music takeover in Las Vegas. When world-famous DJ/producer David Guetta decided to launch his bash in the rising headquarters of electronic dance music, it was no surprise that he found Wet Republic to have the perfect accommodations. Launching on April 10, the 10-year-running international party with the X-rated title, F*** Me, I’m Famous, has been a success of “sensory feasting” in dance palaces such as Ibiza, Miami and Cannes. Sin City’s version stood to be nothing less. Each Sunday the venue became a little bit sexier with the installation of weekly fashion shows, custom F*** Me, I’m Famous go-go and cocktail waitress costumes, and inflatable lips, hearts and fruit throughout the club. The lineup featured the best of the best, including Jus Jack, Avicii, residents Tony Arzadon and Nathan Scott, and even Guetta, who gave the crowd unforgettable sets. We hope the party returns next summer for Round 2.