Best DJ Booth

XS Nightclub

When a DJ puts on a show, it’s all about the sound. But through its DJ booth, XS Nightclub is elevating the guest experience with live DJ performances unlike anything seen in Las Vegas. The DJ booth is set up in the middle of the nightclub so guests get the full sensory effect as soon as they walk down the grand staircase. Three floor-to-ceiling LED screens combine streaming graphics and video during the set. The booth, which can be customized to be as unique as the DJ manning it, can also be converted to a circle with wrap-around screens.

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The Downtown Cocktail Room’s doors are impossibly un-door-ish. You walk up from the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, happy to join the buzzing downtown camaraderie—the urban revolution taking hold of Las Vegas—and you’re faced with walls of one-way glass and no apparent door handle. For the uninitiated, it makes for an awkward moment. Had this happened to me, and I’m not confirming that it did, the larger metaphor wouldn’t have been lost: Maybe everyone doesn’t fit in here.