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Book & Stage

Forget the lights, the shiny shirts, the tight dresses and the too-cool-to-be-human DJs lording over the dance floor like a dispassionate Roman emperor surveying the masses. If you want all the energy with none of the pretense, you’re at the Cosmopolitan’s Book & Stage, where all the cool kids go anti-clubbing. On a Wednesday night in February—not exactly prime time—the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drew enough people that security had to scream at fans to get off the casino floor and cram into B&S territory. And it happens week after week with up-and-comers and indie darlings alike. For free. Save your $30 in cover for what really matters: cocktails.

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Crown Prince of the City

Crown Prince of the City


The Downtown Cocktail Room’s doors are impossibly un-door-ish. You walk up from the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, happy to join the buzzing downtown camaraderie—the urban revolution taking hold of Las Vegas—and you’re faced with walls of one-way glass and no apparent door handle. For the uninitiated, it makes for an awkward moment. Had this happened to me, and I’m not confirming that it did, the larger metaphor wouldn’t have been lost: Maybe everyone doesn’t fit in here.