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I Heart Radio music festival

Showing the kind of cutting-edge thinking that got them to where they are today, the powers that be of the music industry decided that what the world really needed was a showcase for the top-selling artists in their stables. Thus, the I Heart Radio music festival, Sept. 23-24 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. That meant a crush of celebs around town that weekend, including Jennifer Lopez at Pure; Lady Gaga fleeing the Cosmo for the Palms when her room didn’t come with a private pool; Nikki Minaj wearing her Barbie-pink chicken-wing necklace onstage; and Tao going full-tilt for its thousandth night with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre and the presentation to Hov of a 15-liter bottle of Ace of Spades valued at $100,000.

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Crown Prince of the City

Crown Prince of the City


The Downtown Cocktail Room’s doors are impossibly un-door-ish. You walk up from the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, happy to join the buzzing downtown camaraderie—the urban revolution taking hold of Las Vegas—and you’re faced with walls of one-way glass and no apparent door handle. For the uninitiated, it makes for an awkward moment. Had this happened to me, and I’m not confirming that it did, the larger metaphor wouldn’t have been lost: Maybe everyone doesn’t fit in here.



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