E for Effort

The Tropicana and Nikki Beach

We both tip our hat and pour out a little liquor for our homey, Nikki. It’s not easy to get a casino to hand you its pool and enough space to build a Las Vegas-style nightclub. OK, so things didn’t work out between the Tropicana and Nikki Beach. These things happen! But the breakup seems to have been pretty amicable, with very little name-calling, only a hint of litigation and no school-cafeteria scenes or Facebook bullying. Of course, the Trop did move on first, taking what was left behind and turning it into RPM Nightclub, which officially debuts Dec. 30. We just want to know if Nikki stormed in and demanded its teepees back.

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Crown Prince of the City

Crown Prince of the City


The Downtown Cocktail Room’s doors are impossibly un-door-ish. You walk up from the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, happy to join the buzzing downtown camaraderie—the urban revolution taking hold of Las Vegas—and you’re faced with walls of one-way glass and no apparent door handle. For the uninitiated, it makes for an awkward moment. Had this happened to me, and I’m not confirming that it did, the larger metaphor wouldn’t have been lost: Maybe everyone doesn’t fit in here.