Glowing Pride

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Here in foreclosure land, there are a lot of dark houses at Christmas. They may be empty, or they may be occupied by people who’ve lost the means or the will for festivity. My statistically unsound and wholly unscientific research leads me to conclude that approximately one house in 10 is decorated. Call it the Christmas Gloom Index. This year it feels kinda high.

Then there’s the 1700 block of Quiver Point Avenue in Henderson, to which I urgently direct all seasonal grumps, forecasters of economic gloom and Southern Nevada haters. (My apologies to Quiver Point residents for the impending traffic jam.) There you will find evidence not only of tidings of comfort and joy, but also a neighborhood where people work toward a common goal, right here in get-off-my-lawn Southern Nevada.

Quiver Pointers shot for the moon this year. Their little slice of paradise is a dead-end, and the last 10 or 15 houses on both sides of the street are bedazzled with striped palm trees, eaves trimmed in strings of lights and candy-cane-lined sidewalks. There’s an animation theme running throughout the display: One house has illuminated cutouts of Peanuts characters, another Aladdin, yet another Madagascar. The Jews on the block, apparently not wanting to be left out, hung a few stars of David and a menorah on the tree out front. Hell, there’s even a manger scene!

Most impressive are the lines strung between houses across the street and lit with a “Happy Holidays” sign. How is it possible to do that? Surely that’s a violation of some city code. Who pays the electric bill? I’m envious of a neighborhood where residents know each other well enough to risk their lives on tall ladders to pretty up the place. I’ve never even met the people who live across my street. The block’s efforts did not go without official recognition: They won Henderson’s 2011 Holiday Decoration Contest. And if the very existence of such a contest doesn’t say “Mayberry” to you, then you’ve been living in North Las Vegas too long.

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