Kottonmouth Kings

House of Blues, Dec. 16

The Southern California band has been singing the praises of peace, love, unity and marijuana for 15 years. And loyal fans were more than ready to celebrate the season with their Jingle Bowls tour stop. Greeted by a familiar aroma drifting through the crowd, the Kings blasted into the very appropriate “Where’s the Weed?” From there, it was a nonstop, marijuana-praising good time. The four MCs—D-Loc, Daddy X, Johnny Richter and The Dirtball—evenly and seamlessly shared the mic. DJ Bobby B supplied the lifeblood of the Kings’ music, and drummer Lou Dog did his part to keep the crowd entertained. An added twist was the presence of the Taxman—a face-painted, Mohawk-wearing, tuxedo-clad guy running around onstage and occasionally yelling through a megaphone. Although the Kings’ pro-marijuana message remains the same throughout their songs, their delivery kept stoking the show’s fire, as the crowd responded favorably to tunes such as “Boom Clap Sound,” “Proud to Be a Stoner,” “Tangerine Sky” and “Rest of My Life.” The energy during the two-hour performance, both from the Kings and the crowd, was quite high (pun intended) for a bunch of stoners. As the Kings neared the end of their show, they took things down a more serious road with their new song “Reefer Madness,” which commented on the continued illegality of their favorite substance. With their sing-along choruses, body-moving beats and positive vibes, it’s easy to see why the Kings have maintained such a strong underground following.

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