Most Anticipated New Arrival

Hyde Bellagio & 1 Oak Las Vegas

We have to hand it to two nightclubs for taking a chance on a city that has taken a few wallops in the Great Recession. We have serendipity to thank for the most anticipated openings of 2012: Hyde Bellagio capitalizes on a hitherto underexploited corner of the casino; the former Fontana Lounge was crying out for pretty people and slick beats. 1 Oak Las Vegas, on the other hand, has some pretty big shoes to fill; Jet was a beloved space sacred to the hearts of many a local. What gives us confidence is the teams behind them—L.A.’s SBE partnering with Bellagio to bring us a Hyde-away of our own, and the too-good-to-be-true union of Las Vegas’ Light Group and New York’s Butter Group. With the help of proven local performers, we predict these new arrivals will seize the night the way they’re seizing the day.