One And Only

1 Oak New York’s DJ Jesse Marco transplants to Vegas to spin for a new crowd

Most 22-year-olds spend their nights going to local bars and frat parties. DJ Jesse Marco, on the other hand, spends his time traveling city-to-city, rocking fashion shows, private parties and nightclubs from Switzerland to South Beach. The New York native got his start at the tables at age 12, worked for the iconic Mark Ronson’s record label, and was briefly mentored by the late DJ AM. Marco is on his way up in producing—check out his track “Daddy Cool” released in February—and will become one of our own residents appearing every couple of weeks at 1 Oak beginning New Year’s Eve.

What’s 1 Oak New York like?

1 Oak is the “who’s who” of everything. One night you might have Quentin Tarantino or Jay-Z, but also have some really cool artist and some downtown hipster kids. It’s a really good balance of people coming together.

You’re known for your eclectic and diverse indie, hip-hop and electro sets in New York. In Las Vegas, DJs complain about having to cater to the mainstream. What’s your plan of attack?

I’m gonna do what I do, and we’re gonna give people what they want as well; it will be a good balance. What we really like to do is open people’s eyes. I think this is gonna be a great opportunity to showcase what I’m doing, especially in terms of my live show. I play off of a drum machine and really interact with the crowd. I think it’s going to be a breath of fresh air to Vegas.

Do you consider yourself more of a performer or a DJ?

Well, I guess you gotta decide that for yourself. I think there’s things that DJs can do that put them in their own lane, and to me, that’s the name of the game. I try to interact with the crowd and bring other creative things like playing the keyboard over something, or playing the drums live while I’m playing something else or changing my voice over the microphone—just making it really interesting for people. I don’t want to be like anybody else.