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Jack Colton, creator of local nightlife and travel guide and the host of a variety of events, including Most Beautiful People, provides “in the trenches” guidance on having the best time possible in Las Vegas.

Best Reason to Drunk-Text

It isn’t often that you’re actually in the company of all the people you announce your every thought to on Twitter. Or even half of them. Enter the advent of Twitter screens. Finally you get to witness firsthand the crowd’s reaction to your attempt at wit and humor.

Best Newsletter

With so much crap landing in our in-box each morning, we don’t have a lot of time to get to the good stuff: what are we doing this weekend and where. Light Group’s online marketing department understands this fact of 21st-century life, and sticks to the basics within its well-organized and design-rich newsletter that gets to the point with upcoming events at its ever-expanding list of venues, along with photos and recaps of recent happenings. Sign up at

Best Nightlife Website

As the Internet universe continues to expand, we have come to appreciate anything that allows us to get what we need and move on. And attractive sites don’t hurt, either. serves as an example of exactly what a club operator should do, as it immediately serves up easily searchable event schedules, frequently updated videos of recent parties, the vital stats of headlining DJs and an impressively intuitive reservation system.

Best Tweet-Up

Tweeting your most mundane of daily thoughts and activities rarely inspires good conversation between friends and followers, but in the case of @MooseDiesel81’s #HeyBaby Twitter competition at Haze Nightclub, it provided the rare opportunity to win $5,000 for simply doing what so many people already do in nightclubs these days: stare at their phones.

Most Photographed Socialite

A handful of Las Vegas locals manage the unthinkable, balancing sleep with work and maintaining their appearance—all with an almost supernatural ability to be everywhere at once. It is for this reason that Abbi Peltier-Garcia, wife of DJ Stellar, is so frequently photographed. The socialite is famously supportive of the local DJ scene and rarely misses a great party.

Best Social Media Campaign

A free five-day, four-night trip for four to the Bahamas with hotel, round-trip airfare and bottle service at Aura Nightclub was an easy sell to the estimated 6,000 people who participated in Angel Management Group’s Like Your Way to the Bahamas Facebook competition in September. All you had to do was “like” their page to enter. This campaign was so successful that it reportedly tripled AMG’s average number of impressions. A similar AMG contest will run this Valentine’s Day. Time for a “love” button on Facebook?

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Crown Prince of the City

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The Downtown Cocktail Room’s doors are impossibly un-door-ish. You walk up from the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, happy to join the buzzing downtown camaraderie—the urban revolution taking hold of Las Vegas—and you’re faced with walls of one-way glass and no apparent door handle. For the uninitiated, it makes for an awkward moment. Had this happened to me, and I’m not confirming that it did, the larger metaphor wouldn’t have been lost: Maybe everyone doesn’t fit in here.