I’m Glossy

Shopping for the perfect lip gloss can be tiresome. Between picking the brand, selecting the shade and repeated application, let’s face it—the lips go through a lot. But that’s where Tom Ford Beauty Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, Wet Violet comes in. Its creamy, continuous formula allows for glam shine all the time. $45, Neiman Marcus in Fashion Show, 731-3636.

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Christopher LaPorte

My Object of Affection

Christopher LaPorte

“My most prized possession is my Street Fighter II arcade cabinet. We met in a corner convenience store on the way to school in 1991 and I’d play against the older kids who’d just kick my ass. They knew the secret moves and wouldn’t tell you how they did it. I’d go to school with no lunch money because I’d drop all my quarters into this game. Then, I finally started to pick it up. Where once I’d miss out on lunch because I had no dough, I’d now miss out on lunch because I’d still be taking on challengers with just one quarter! This game turned a hobby into my passion.