John Legend

The Pearl at the Palms, Dec. 31

Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” came out of Legend’s soulful pipes, and the crowd began cheering. With two hours till midnight, Legend sang his hits “Coming Home” and “Good Morning,” but it was his intimate performance of new single “Dreams” that had the audience listening silently. “I see a lot of couples in the crowd tonight, it’s time to slow dance,” said Legend as he played soulful rhythm and blues. Legend pulled a smitten audience member onstage to slow dance, giving her a red rose to end the song as she returned to her seat. The Grammy Award-winner closed the show with “Green Light,” and returned to the stage with an encore performance of his most popular single, “Ordinary People.” The concert was over, and it was only 11:15 p.m. “Follow me to Moon nightclub upstairs, and ring in the new year with me!” Legend exclaimed. So after paying a minimum of $99 to see Legend’s New Year’s Eve concert, fans would have to pay nightclub admission to experience the climax of the night. Normally, a New Year’s concert includes the countdown, and this break from tradition cast a shadow over an otherwise terrific concert.