Kanye turns DJ for 1 Oak bow


Rumored to be seeking a million-dollar appearance fee back east, speculation heated up Dec. 30 that Kanye West would take a “pay cut” to come DJ in Las Vegas, just so long as wherever he set up shop would bill him as “YEEZYWORLDPEACE.”

So, YEEZYWORLDPEACE it was at 1 Oak on the debut night of the former Jet space at The Mirage. West took his Ron Artest-inspired moniker to the DJ booth to spin for a New Year’s Eve crowd where Fergie was ostensibly supposed to be the star. It was his first DJ appearance in America, after doing a set in London in December.

For three hours, though, it was all about Kanye. And if you weren’t convinced of that, Kanye was happy to remind you. He kept playing his own songs over and over again like he was doing an encore with Jay-Z.

Also checking out the first night of 1 Oak were Joseph Gordon Levitt, David Katzenberg, Kid Cudi, Topher Grace, Big Sean, Jason Ritter and members of Foster the People, including Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink. The most surprising thing about all of this, though, is that when Kanye found out Foster the People were in the crowd he didn’t put on “Pumped Up Kicks” only to cut it after 30 seconds to play “Jesus Walks” instead.

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