Kardashians plant New Year’s flag

Rob in a tuxedo! Kourtney pregnant again! Kim with bangs! Kris Jenner also in a tuxedo!

Just when you think the Kardashians are going to zig, they very moderately zag.

Kim Kardashian took up her usual New Year’s Eve outpost at Tao, where she got her obligatory spin of “Jam” and led the crowd in kissing 2011 goodbye. It’s just that she didn’t have anyone to kiss. Still, she says she’s going to soldier on with the sad business of trying to get married and stay that way for longer than the director’s cut of Blade Runner. For reals this time!

“I am ready to move forward and not look back. I learned a lot of about myself this past year, and at the end of the day you always have to trust your gut,” Kardashian said. “You’ve got to believe in love. I still do.”

Wait, “love” still means “finding a professional athlete who will go along with whatever demands your reality show lays in front of him,” right?

Mama bear Kris Jenner took a whirl on the floor with Mark Ballas of Dancing With the Stars, while over at Paris, Kourtney and Scott Disick took the helm at Chateau. She had to drink sparkling cider, what with the baby on the way and all. A baby she wants to be able to spend some time with or something.

“I want more family time and a little bit less work,” she said.

Ah, yes. “Work.” That thing the Kardashians are notorious for being bogged down in.

Rob, meanwhile, hosted at Tryst. But it’s Rob Kardashian, and the only way you could actually care less was if someone hired Khloe to ring in the New Year.

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