Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol


Long-time Pixar director Brad Bird debuts in live action with the latest in the franchise. It begins with a Moscow prison break, proceeds to a terrorist bombing, skedaddles off to Dubai and the world’s tallest building, and then chases nuclear madmen, goons and Paula Patton’s cleavage. New cast additions, including Jeremy Renner, along with Bird’s bombastic first efforts, make this a fresh take.

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A Different Kind of Studio


A Different Kind of Studio

In the sleek black-and-white lobby of Suite 15 in the strip mall that was once home to the Liberace Museum, B-boys and girls of all ages will discuss music, show off their gear and try out new moves. To the right in an 800-square-foot studio, dancers will learn krumping, popping, hip-hop, breaking and DJing from world-renowned choreographers. During open session, dancers will practice at their leisure in a second studio.