Time travel, Sleaze Rock, Acoustical Jams

This first full weekend of shows suggests we’re in for a hell of a year in live music. Can’t wait to absorb it all.

First, I’m pumped to check out local “time-travel party punk” band Time Crashers, an alternative supergroup comprising members from Scrap Iron Saints (post-apocalyptic folk-abilly) and Reverend Lord’s Unholy Saints (outlaw cowpunk). The musicians have adopted stage names ripped from the pages of history—Nikola Tesla, Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci and D.B. Cooper. Time Crashers’ titles include “Hangin’ with Caligula,” “Conquering the Keg” (about playing beer pong with Genghis Khan) and Back to the Future tribute “You Make My Heart Go 88 Miles Per Hour.” Surely, this will be the most entertaining history lesson you’ll ever experience. These Morlock ‘n’ rollers (H.G. Wells reference and the name of one of the band’s songs) play Yayo Taco (4632 S. Maryland Parkway) 9 p.m. Jan. 5 with Arroyo Deathmatch and Rushmore Beekeepers.

After making sure my feminist wife isn’t looking over my shoulder, I feel it’s important to let you know that pioneering Seattle sleaze-rock band The Mentors are prepared to flick musical smegma all over Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N. Rancho Drive, 10 p.m. Jan. 7). These early-on purveyors of chauvinistic, women-degrading metal-punk have been recording since the late ’70s. The band’s notorious singer/drummer El Duce died in 1997. The Mentors continue to cut records, their most recent release being 2009’s Ducefixion EP, which contains such instant classics as “Masturbation Illness.” So, um, yeah, this is a show for eclectic, and deeply perverted, tastes only, and it’s probably best to check your PC sensitivities at the door.

If that’s too much, also on Jan. 7, is Tesla’s Twisted Wires Acoustic Tour at House of Blues (8:30 p.m.). Maybe you recall the Sacramento, Calif., heavy-metal band’s 1990 radio hit “Signs,” which helped inspire MTV’s Unplugged.

Bonus tips: Yayo Taco has a slew of incredible shows this week in addition to Time Crashers. Be sure to check out California’s post-metal doom upstarts Bloom, 8 p.m. Jan. 6, with Demon Lung, Alaurabyrd and Past and Language. There’s also Thou, a Louisiana sludge/drone outfit Louisiana, with God’s America: Seeds of Rape (formerly just Seeds of Rape), 6 p.m. Jan. 8.

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