Barefoot Bonanza

There seemed to be a severe case of what I call “Cinderella Syndrome” up and down the Las Vegas Strip on New Year’s Eve. A lone Louboutin here, a solitary Steve Madden there. No, not a pair of abandoned pumps, just one.

My sources in the nightclub-security biz told me the assortment of lost (and seemingly never-to-be-found) items this New Year’s included all the usual suspects. Driver’s licenses? Check. Cell-phones? Yeah, those too. And think about how much it’s gonna suck when someone gets to the airport only to realize their passport is long gone. Coats, purses, wallets, credit cards and sunglasses, too. The most ironic item found on NYE had to be the alcohol-awareness card lost by someone who, perhaps, was not being very alcohol-aware.

But it’s the single shoe I still don’t get, lending more credence to NYE’s nickname among local club-goers: “Amateur Night.” These girls went into the club wearing two, but emerged with only one? Have clubs become a Thunderdome for footwear? I understand their new high heels for NYE were just sooooo cute. But even before these chicks got in the club, blisters were forming.

So they took their shoes off and walked around the far-from-sanitary Vegas streets barefoot and were subsequently being told to put their shoes back on by security personnel. Maybe some were smart enough to swap out stilettos for flats, but still, how did only one shoe make it home? (Yes, I’ve entertained the thought of a one-legged woman convention, but there wasn’t one in town during the holiday). Perhaps it’s one of those pointless mysteries I’ll never solve.

Think you may have lost something on NYE? If you can remember where you partied (and I understand that can be a challenge), don’t hesitate to contact the venue you were at. You’d be surprised at the number of items honest people find and turn in. Though the club will probably need proof that lost Lexus key belongs to you.