Broad Street Bully

As every self-respecting downtowner knows by now, Oscar’s Beef, Booze and Broads opened at the remodeled Plaza Hotel in December. The name of the joint was another attempt to insert the “old” Vegas into the new. Some such attempts work; this one does not. Beef, booze: fine. We all know our former mayor’s affection for a gin and a good porterhouse. But can we draw the line at “broads”?

Oscar’s ignoble use of alliteration was no doubt an attempt to stir up some buzz. The thing is, “Broads” doesn’t sound retro cool or endearing. It sounds like the same old derogatory, sexist term it always was. And its use on the front of the “new” Plaza doesn’t celebrate the good ol’ days; it confirms an old redneck image of Las Vegas as an ignorant backwater town unwilling to evolve.

Can’t we come up with something more clever than winking at our history of exploiting women? Mind you, it’s not just Oscar at fault here. It’s also the city apologists who accept sexism as part of Vegas’ character, all the while wondering why it’s difficult to diversify our economy.